Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Digipak: Daft Punk

Daft Punk's album art for 'Random Access Memories' consists of the two members with their trademark masks merged together to create one image. Their names are not on the album as their masks have become their signature look, giving the audience the ability to easily distinguish the act.  The image is positioned in the centre of the shot against a black background this allows the audience to focus solely on the image. The title of the album is written in cursive and is positioned at the top left hand corner of the album- this does not draw any attention away from the main image. In addition, the use of cursive typography could add a personal touch to the album and it can also suggest a sense of timelessness as Daft Punk have been active  in the music industry for a long period of time.

The back cover of the album follows the same style as the front cover, by using a black background and white cursive typography. It's simplistic approach allows the audience to focus their attention on the titles of the tracks. Their record label's information and barcode is located at the bottom, it does not draw any attention away from the track listing and it blends in well with the style of the album.

The booklet that is placed inside the album again follows the same style as the album's front and back cover. On the left, there is a robot inspired image which reflects upon Daft Punk's use of robotic looking helmets which give them the image of robots. The right side of the booklet is full of text noting who contributed to the process in making the album. White typography is used again which stands out against the black background.

It can be suggested the CD does not follow the style of the album. It's bright red colour contrasts with the mostly black and white style of the front and back cover and the contents of the booklet. Around the CD their record label 'Columbia' is presented numerous times with the album title and artist title positioned at the top in black bold typography. As it is positioned in the centre, the audience's attention immediately goes to the artist and album title. However, as 'Columbia' is repeated several times and is slightly larger in font size to the names, the audience's attention could also divert to the record label as they question why the record label is more noticeable than the title of the artist and album.  The track listing is also featured on the CD at the bottom this gives the audience a second chance to view the track names of the album.

The poster for their US tour again follows the same theme as the album art using the same image of their two helmets merged together as the poster's main image. A black and white style is once again used with the only image in colour is of Daft Punk which is able to grab the audience's attention. Their record label is placed at the top  right hand corner while the duo's website - daftpunk.com - can be seen at the bottom of the poster. The names of their supporting acts are written in their respective typography which gives the bands their own identity and allows the audience to easily recognise the acts as the use of different typography makes the names of the acts stand out more.

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