Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Digipak Analysis: Deadmau5

The front cover of Deadmau5's album '4x4=12' is very simple yet its simplicity is what makes it effective. The album art consists of Deadmau5's logo of a mouse placed in the centre of the album which draws the audience's attention straight on Deadmau5's logo. The mouse image is presented to be neon coloured- this connotes the idea of being in a club. Additionally, this fits in with the conventions of EDM as this genre is typically associated with partying and clubbing. The artist's name and album name has been positioned on the top of the album. The typography used is bold and simple- this does not draw any attention away from the main album image which could be the artist's intention. In addition, the title of the artist is slightly larger than the album title thus the audience can infer that Deadmau5 is recognisably by both his trademark and unique name therefore the title of his album is not as important in terms of drawing in an audience to buy the product. This is further emphasised as both the album image and the title of the artist's name is displayed in a bright neon colour drawing the audience's attention. However, as the title of the album is in white it can be suggested the audience's eyes are drawn to the album title as it stands out upon the bright neon colours.

The back of the album presents the title of the tracks. The same typography and colour scheme is used throughout the digipak which adds a sense of continuation. Additionally- similar to the front cover- the artist title is presented to be slightly larger than the album title- this further emphasises the importance of the artist's name over the album title as the audience are able to distinguish the artist easily by name and logo.

The album's CD follows the same typography and a similar colour scheme as the front and back cover. Although blue is used instead of green for the logo and typography, the 'club' appeal is still evident as the blue is bright against the black background. Moreover, the use of a black background also draws more attention to the bright neon colours making the club atmosphere more affective.

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