Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Digipak Analysis: Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris' album cover for '18 Months' presents Harris in a long shot sitting on a pavement. His body language shows him looking to the right with his hands positioned opposite his face in a clapping motion. The image of the album gives off an urban feel due to the setting being outside yet the overall album cover is simplistic yet affective as this may intrigue an audience. It can be suggested the album title and artist title is the main focal point of the album as they are positioned to be slightly bigger than Harris himself. The audience's eyes are immediately focused on the typography rather than the image. This is could be because the white, simple typography stands out against the urban brick wall. The audience can suggest the album art reflects on the album title - '18 Months' as it can be inferred time plays a large role in the cover. It is said it took Harris 18 months to produce his album- this could be reflected on the album art as the audience can suggest Harris looks as if he is sat waiting for something, possibly for the release of his album. The artist's costume is simple and fits within the colour scheme of the image therefore he does not stand out. However, as he is the only human shown in the art it can be suggested he already stands out against the urban background.

The image of the back cover is an extreme long shot of Calvin Harris sitting on the pavement, similar to the front cover. The artist is looking directly into the camera and to the audience, his body language suggests he is waiting for someone or something which can suggest Harris is waiting for the audience. This use of cinematography positioned Harris slightly off the centre in front of a wall behind a set of houses. The mise en scene of the back cover is a continuation of the style of the front cover using the same simple setting and colour scheme. In addition, a similar typography is used for the track listing yet it is noticeable smaller than the background image. This could suggest the audience should focus on the image instead of the track listing which could be seen as unconventional as the title of the tracks should be large and the main focal point for the audience. Harris' record label information is shown at the bottom left and corner along with the barcode. The position of this information does not draw focus away from the main image and it uses the same white type as the track listing- this allows the information to fit in with the style of the cover.

The CD of  the '18 Months' is different to the images on the front and back cover of the album however, it still maintains it's simplistic style. On a black background, the same typography is used to  label the CD with the album title and artist title. The artist's name is slightly larger drawing the audience's attention to the artist first then the album name. Below  the record label information is displayed, it's small font and placement at the bottom could suggest it is not an important piece of information for the reader.

The promo poster of Calvin Harris for his album '18 Months' displays a mid shot of the artist staring blankly at the audience- which makes him easily recognisable. The type used on his name and album title is larger than the other information which grabs the audience's attention. A list of his popular songs are featured below, informing the audience of what songs they may have heard from Harris. This use of promo further publicises the artist and his music to a wider audience. This is further evident as his album is shown to be 'available everywhere now' displayed at the bottom of the screen in block capital letters. It can be suggested, the style of the poster is different to the style of the album as the image used in the poster looks as if Harris is in a club. This can be interpreted through the use of the bright blue and the shadows suggest an audience is having fun at a club or party shown in the background image.

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