Saturday, 3 October 2015

Music Video Goodwin Analysis: Dillion Francis

 Dillion Francis' music video for 'Get Low'  demonstrates characteristics that within the electronic genre as it does not follow a narrative. However,  the setting of the music video could be seen as unconventional-which is because it does not take place in a party or a club.

A relationship between the lyrics and the visuals is illustrated as both the women and the two artists are shown lip syncing the lyrics 'get low'. In addition, both Dillion Francis and DJ Snake appear in the music video something that could be unconventional in an EDM music video as typically, the artist does not appear in the music videos. 

Moreover, a relationship between the music and visuals is established-which is shown through the women as they perform a dance routine to the beat of the music. 

The women in the music video are used for voyeuristic treatment as they wear tight fitting clothing that show their arms and legs. Throughout the music video there are close ups of their lips and further in the video close ups of the women's backside dancing provocatively for the camera. This could also reflect within Laura Mulvey's female gaze as it can be suggested the women in 'Get Low' are treated as objects for the Dillion Francis and DJ Snake.

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