Thursday, 15 October 2015

Digipak Designs

This is the basis of my digipak and poster design. I will stick to a blue and black colour scheme in order to fit with the image of our artist 'L|NES'. 

 This is the front design of the digipak- I will modify the artist's face using photoshop in order to hide the identity of the artist.

These are designs of the inside of the digipak. I intend to add a thank you booklet yet I am undedicated in what images I will use for the background. The artist's logo will appear heavily in the digipak in order for the audience to recognise who's digipak this is.  I also plan to have two CD's - one a CD and another a DVD.

 This is the back of digipak which features the track listing- the background will be simple so the audience will focus on the track listing.  At the bottom will be his record label information and barcode so it does not draw attention away from the tracks.

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