Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Evaluation / Question 3

  •          What have you learned from your audience feedback?

As we made our music video and digipaks, we received audience feedback which enabled us to gain a different perspective as to how we approach our drafts. The feedback we received was from our target demographic of students which ranged from 16-21. My group partner and I presented the first draft of our music videos and received feedback on mostly the two scenes we intended to change which were the paint scene and the club scene. We knew that it needed to be re-filmed in a different location and presenting the music video confirmed what we needed to do as they did not like those specific scenes either. It was suggested that we should change the paint setting to a white room which would add to the bizarreness of the music video. This suggestion was very helpful for us as we wanted to change the paint scene but we did not know what setting to film in. However, the possibility of finding a white room to throw paint in seemed quite unlikely. Once we raised this concern, we received more helpful feedback in how we could achieve this. From the feedback, we decided to film using a white paper background- however, this only enabled us to film in one angle. Regardless of that, we decided to incorporate both scenes from the original paint scene and re-filmed scene, which- in my opinion – works very well. We also refilmed the club scenes. However, once I viewed the footage I found that there were not enough people in the shot therefore it did not fit with the style of the club. To amend this, I decided to overlap the clips and set each clip on various speeds in order to convey the hecticness of a club. We screened the final cut of the music video and received positive feedback. Many were pleased with our changes and found that it improved the overall video. We received comments such as 'good editing' and 'club scene looks better now after the refilm'. 

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