Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Location Scouting

The first location we went to was Neals Yard in Seven Dials. We chose this place as it is very colourful and vibrant which is what we want our music video to be like. However, the space is very small so we will need to discuss further in how we could incorporate this location in our video. 

 We next went to Covent Garden as it is an notable place in London and easily recognisable. The only issue we face is we scouted for locations during Christmas therefore there are decorations and events that will be gone by the time we begin filming- which will be in January.

 After, we went to Carnaby Street yet it was full of Christmas decorations which is not useful to us as we will not be shooting during Christmas.

 This is graffiti from Southbank near the skatepark- I think Southbank and Shoreditch will be the areas we film the most because both places are vibrant and colourful.

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