Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Digipak - 2nd Draft

From the feedback I recieved I changed the images on my house style panel and the panel above. I used the same 'emboss' filter which I used on my album cover.  Although I like the effect, I do not think the colours of the house style panel match with the colours of the album cover. Therefore I will continue to experiment with different images. In addition, the image in the panel above I also do not like as I feel it does not match with the colour scheme and style of my digipak.

Here I am experimenting with various filters in an attempt to make the colours of the house style panel match with my album cover.

This is the second draft to my digipak- I eperimented with colour and filters and I added the texts on my CDs in order for the audience to recognise which CD is the main CD.

This is the process of my poster- like my digipak I experimented with colour and made the image look more vibrant. Moreover, from the feedback I received I changed the image to the same image as my album cover on my digipak. 

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