Monday, 23 November 2015

Ten Things That Can Ruin Our Music Video

  • Poor Planning
May delay filming schedule- accurate planning weeks ahead and accurate time management skills.
  • Weather
Halts availability to shoot - repeatedly check weather and assuring of appropriate weather to shoot.
  • Not Enough Footage
Incomplete music videos- will carry out multiple shoots and various shoots of each scene.
  • Unclear Narrative
Leads to audience confusion- carry out multiple shoots that explain our narrative well.
  • Costume/Props
Damages/loss of costume and props- Spare props and alternative costumes.
  • Poor Performance
Makes video seem unrealistic - Will carry out practise rehearsals.
  • Battery Dying
Renders us unable to continue shoot - will carry extra batteries and charger.
  • Poor Cinematography
Unable to use footage - Will carry out multiple shoots/ assure the camera is in focus.
  • Poor Editing
Shots appear inconsistent/ leads to unclear narrative - Ensuring shots do not appear choppy/ careful consideration of placement of shots .
  • Poor Lighting
Effects mood/atmosphere of video - Use of correct lighting/ torches & lamps in order to achieve visible footage.

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