Friday, 6 November 2015

Pitch Script

Slide 1:
HH: Our song choice is ‘Levels’ by Avicii, which is part of the EDM genre. Our Artist is called ‘Lines’.

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ST: This is our brief that was devised to make a promotional music video for our new act.

HH: Some background information on our artist. Lines was born Lyle Davis on November 1th 1996 in Woking, Surrey. He is a classically trained musician born to two musicians. He started learning the piano at age 4 but at 14 he decided to venture out of the classical genre and follow his own desired path to EDM. He gained considerable popularity in 2014 when his remix of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ became a viral hit.

ST: His sound is EDM and Clean Bandit; Avicci, Calvin Harris and Daft Punk are a few of his influences. Some of his likes include: partying, relaxing, food and neon colours. He dislikes snobs and self-righteous people.

Slide 3:
HH: this is our mood board and it revolves around our chosen genre of EDM. The name of our artist 'L|NES' and his biography is displayed in the centre surrounded by images of inspiration for our artist. His image and what is he likely to wear is shown on the mood board such as Converse shoes and bright t-shirts.  Artists such as Dillon Francis and Avicii are also featured on the mood board as we have taken their music videos as our inspiration. 

Slide 4:
ST: This is our audience profile. Our target demographics are 16-25 year old White British males- the majority of them will be students under the D/E1/E2 socio-economic class. Their psychographics include their personality traits such as strugglers, outgoing, loud, and easily excited. Our target audience often likes: partying, having fun, chilling with friends, loud music, theme parks and their dislike include: Boredom, school, silence, responsibility and snobs.

Slide 5:
HH: This is the basic design of our logo. We will be using a range of colours for our logo in the music video depending on the setting of the scene. In addition, we wanted our logo to be simple and easy to recreate as the symbol will feature heavily in our music video in different forms such as stickers and stencil.

Slide 6:
ST: Our synopsis revolves around a female who wakes up finding the logo of ‘L|NES’ everywhere she goes on both people passing by and on buildings. The logo enables her to transport to various places which increases her confusion around the situation. She does not know what or who the logo represents.

Slide 7:
HH: These images reflect the look we want to achieve in the music video. The logo will appear everywhere she goes such as on her skin. Our music video will also follow the genre characteristics of EDM as the music video will not feature our artist heavily. In various scenes it will be bright and colourful and towards the end will feature a club scene which is conventional to the genre.  

Slide 8:
ST: The relationship between the lyrics and the visuals is shown towards the middle of the music video as the female character will fall on the floor and then lip sync to the lyrics of the song. There is also a relationship between the music and the visuals, the cuts in our music video will follow to the beat of the song.  We will have Intertexual links to Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’ music video and Avicii’s music videos as their logos appear frequently. Our music video does not follow the record labels demand for close ups of the artist as our artist does not feature heavily in our music video.

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