Thursday, 11 February 2016


Our first outfit for the music video was a checked jumper and black trousers- we did not want the character to show excessive skin.

The next outfit consists of a blue coat, blue jeans, white t shirt, converse and a checked scarf. We wanted to look casual as if I was just out on an  ordinary day.
The next scene takes place at a park where paint is then thrown at her by masked people. We chose a white outfit in order for the audience to see the effect of the paint. We also chose black leggings and simple black shoes as we thought using plain prints will allow the audience to easily see the paint. 
Next scene transitions to the beginning of the club scene. I am wearing a black and white striped t shirt with a black fitted skirt and black chunky heels. We chose for my outfit to show some skin as we felt that was conventional in the clothing style suitable for clubs. 

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