Tuesday, 19 January 2016

18/01/16 Shoot- Reflection

We planned to film the introduction and end scenes at Hannah's house. After that we were to film two scenes at the park then a scene that takes place in an alleyway. At first we were on schedule, I had arrived at 11.30am with the equipment and we began to set up promptly. However, we did not consider how difficult it was to use the crane. The footage was not smooth and Hannah could not film an aerial shot due to the heaviness of the crane. After a discussion, we decided to revert to using the camera and tripod. However, because of this we were behind schedule. We decided to reschedule the scenes at the park to the following Wednesday as we did not have enough time to film. Next we filmed at the alleyway as it was the closest location and it did not take as long to shoot as the park scene. This was a good decision as we found that the alleyway scene took longer than expected as I had to place the logos on the wall. We finished filming and began to reschedule for Wednesday's shoot.

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